How does Ghotit Real Writer & Reader 11 work?

Ghotit Real Writer & Reader is an integrated reading and writing solution comprising several advanced assistive technologies tailor-made for people with dyslexia, dysgraphia and other learning disabilities. It helps children and adults with dyslexia and dysgraphia to read, write and correct English texts in any application.

Ghotit Quick Spell Word-Prediction is a state-of-art technology designed for writers with typing issues and phonetic/creative writers; this technology increases writing speed and successfully predicts intended words with instant correction of the first misspelled letters in any application.

Ghotit’s Text Correction patented technology provides the most appropriate fixes for spelling, grammar and punctuation mistakes according to the intended meaning of a text.
Ghotit Style & Clarity polishes up the written texts and takes them to the next level by rewriting and rewording emails, assignments, documents and papers.

Ghotit Reading technology makes any text document readable: hear text read aloud in conjunction with dual highlighting. And Ghotit Screenshot Reader reads even texts of images, locked PDF files and other inaccessible documents.

What does Ghotit Real Writer & Reader 11 for Windows or Mac include?
• Quick-Spell Word-Prediction for creative/phonetic writers that works within any application
• Context-sensitive and phonetic spell checker
• Corrector of confused/misused words including homophones
• Grammar and punctuation corrector including splitting of “fused” sentences and comma splices
• Style & Clarity – Rewording overused words
• Style & Clarity – Rewriting Passive Voice sentences to Active Voice
• Style & Clarity – Academic rewriting
• Style & Clarity – Removing Tautology and improving Conciseness
• Style & Clarity – Stopping Banned & Swear words
Style & Clarity – Corporate-specific clarity (New!)
Style & Clarity – Too Long Sentences (New!)
• Parts of Speech Analysis
• Syllables to teach reading and spelling
• Integrated Talking Dictionary, Descriptions and Synonyms
• Proofreader with dual highlighting
• Speak as you write (speech feedback) words, letters and sentences
• Text-to-Speech Reader with dual highlighting
• Screenshot Reader to read aloud any text on the screen
• OCR to recognize and get any text from screen
• Topics (Word-Banks) for Word-Prediction
• Integration with all text editing applications
• One-click experience with Floating Toolbar or F-key shortcuts
• Standalone “Dyslexia Text Editor”
• Examination Settings – Forbid/Allow any feature of Ghotit in line with your exam or curricula requirements
• Ghotit Analytics – The knowledge-base includes the corrected Spelling, Grammar, Punctuation, Style, and Prediction errors plus Ghotit Analytics graphs
• Dictation Button – A useful shortcut to the platform dictation on Windows-10, 11 and Mac
• Highlighting – Highlight text in MS-Word documents
• User Interface customization
Software Activation on Offline Computers. It was developed for military and government installations (New!)
External Monitors are supported on Windows and Mac (New!)
Accessibility was improved (New!)
Dark Theme automatic adaptations (New!)
Absolute Privacy for users – the last but not the least!
Is the Ghotit Software appropriate for governments, military, banks, finance, healthcare, insurance, corporate offices, etc.?
Yes. Ghotit Real Writer & Reader Perpetual Software for Windows/Mac works offline and complies to the highest standards of privacy, safety and security.
Are the Ghotit Software and Apps appropriate for school and college?
Definitely, yes. Ghotit Software and Apps are helping children and adults to succeed in school, college and beyond.
Is DSA England funding available to cover Ghotit software?
Yes, indeed. Ghotit Software has the DSA England approval since 2019.
Is U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs funding available to order Ghotit software for veterans?
Yes. Ghotit Software has the approval since 2014.
Is Ghotit software available for Microsoft’s Educational Windows 11 SE program?
Correct. Ghotit Real Writer & Reader for Windows Perpetual software is available for deployment on Windows 11 SE school laptops since 2022.
Can Ghotit Real Writer & Reader be used as a standalone text editor?
Yes. Besides working with any text editing application like Google Docs, MS-Office, MS-Office Online, Libre Office, Pages, etc., Real Writer & Reader could be used as a standalone text editor specifically designed for those with dyslexia/dysgraphia.
Does Ghotit Real Writer & Reader software require an Internet connection?

Ghotit Perpetual “Pay-Once” Software, Real Writer & Reader for Windows / Mac, works completely offline and does not require an Internet connection.

Ghotit Subscription Software requires Internet only on launching the software to verify the license,
and next users can go offline.

Unlike Ghotit Software, Ghotit Mobile Apps do require Internet for spelling and grammar; all other features are working offline.

Which English dictionaries does Ghotit Real Writer & Reader support?
US, UK, Canadian, Australian, New Zealand and South African English.
What are the system requirements for Ghotit software and apps?

Operating systems or devices:

• Windows 10/10S (64-bits systems), 11 and 11 SE
• Mac OS X starting from 10.14 and up to the latest Mac OS 14 Sonoma including the latest Apple’s silicons
• iPad and iPhone with iOS 14 and up

Does Ghotit Real Writer & Reader for Windows support Windows 11 devices with ARM processors?
Yes, indeed. We are thankful to Microsoft’s Assure Team for supplying these new devices for our testing.
Can I purchase a Ghotit Real Writer & Reader Site or District License?
Yes, Ghotit offers “Pay Once” Perpetual and Subscription Site, Site & Home and District licenses:
Buy Site or District Licenses
Do you accept purchase orders (PO)?
We accept purchase orders from schools, colleges, TAFEs, universities and educational districts. To pay by a PO, contact Ghotit Support for the specific instructions.
On how many computers can I install Ghotit Real Writer & Reader?
Standard License (“Pay Once” Perpetual License) allows you to install Ghotit Real Writer & Reader on a single computer at a time: Buy Standard Licenses
Is there a discount for the second Standard License of the same product for the same user?
You can add to your order one additional license with a discount providing it will be used by the same person. The discount is not applicable when the second license is purchased by a separate order or may be used by another person.
Can I transfer Ghotit Real Writer & Reader to my new or just another computer?
Single Computer Licenses covered by Long-Term Support or Subscription licenses could be transferred between the functioning computers with the same operating system, Windows to Windows or Mac to Mac, by following instructions of the software User-Guide, paragraph License Transfer. This is not allowed for the Site, District and Multi-Site Licenses unless the Site got approval from Ghotit in some exceptional cases.
What is the Standard Support Policy?
Standard Support includes 12 months of Free Warranty Support without updates and upgrades.
Standard Support policy was the default policy for Ghotit perpetual software prior to Ghotit-10. Since Ghotit-10, and true for the current Ghotit-11, the default support policy for Ghotit perpetual software is the Long-Term Support (LTS, 4 years) including all updates and upgrades. Standard Support still remains the default policy for Site and District licenses.
Our apps distributed by Apple iTunes Store and Microsoft Store are subject to the standard support policies of these stores in your location.
Is there an option for Long-Term Support (LTS)?
Single Computer Ghotit-11 Perpetual Licenses for Mac/Windows are already bundled with Ghotit LTS (4 years) with all updates and upgrades including the next major software releases with new features. There is an option to add (for an additional fee) LTS with Upgrades to Ghotit Perpetual Site and District Licenses.
What is Ghotit return policy?
Ghotit has a 30-day “No-Questions-Asked” Money-Back Return Guarantee policy for our software sold directly by Ghotit, Real Writer and Reader for Windows/Mac.
Ghotit Apps distributed by Apple iTunes Store and Microsoft Store are subject to the standard return policies of the stores in your location.
How to cancel Ghotit license covered by 30-day “No-Questions-Asked” Money-Back Return Guarantee?
Send your request from the email stated in your order to Ghotit Support, support at ghotit dot com,
to be processed within 4 business days.
Are there any independent reviews of Ghotit Software available?
First, you are welcome to search on net. Whatever is known to us was summarized, along with the versions of Ghotit, at the page below. Note, that the views and recommendations are those of the reviewers and do not necessarily reflect the official Ghotit recommended Best Practices:
Ghotit Reviews and Versions
Can the software complement a Speech-To-Text (Dictation Software) solution?
The software complements speech-to-text solutions. Ghotit Real Writer & Reader is used to correct confused words, grammar and punctuation marks of the recorded text. In addition, in situations where background noises or privacy considerations prohibit the use of speech-to-text solutions, Ghotit can be used as the user’s sole writing assistant.
Is there a free trial available for Ghotit software?
Try our software 30 days by downloading it at:
Ghotit 30-Days Trial for Windows/Mac
Are there any FAQs dedicated to Ghotit Dyslexia Keyboard app for iPad/iPhone?
What are the standard Terms and Conditions?
The Support, Cancellation and Refunds Terms & Conditions are clarified in the above FAQs.
Find other T&C details in the typical EULA:
Terms and Conditions – EULA