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Ghotit Real Writer & Reader for Windows/Mac – Released Versions:


Ghotit-10 – Released at the end of 2021; updated in 2022 and 2023.

The new features and major fixes are:

  • Style & Clarity – Rewording overused words.
  • Style & Clarity – Rewriting Passive Voice sentences to Active Voice.
  • Style & Clarity – Rewriting phrases in a more formal, academic style.
  • Style & Clarity – Fixing Tautology and improving Conciseness.
  • Style & Clarity – Stopping Swear & Banned words. Custom list of Banned words.
  • Style & Clarity – Corporate-specific clarity and tautology.
  • Style & Clarity – Detecting too long sentences.
  • OCR enhanced by AI algorithms serves to get any text from screen.
  • Screenshot Reader got the Pause Button and the Reading by Sentence Buttons (back and forth).
  • Ghotit Analytics collects locally the user-made corrections and the selected predicted words for the later reviewing.
  • Statistics and Progress Counters help to monitor student progress.
  • Text Labels for the Floating Toolbar is a newly added option.
  • Speak as you write (speech feedback) was an option on words completion. We added optional speech feedback for individual letters and for sentences.
  • Parts of Speech Analysis marks parts of speech.
  • Syllables and Syl·lab·i·fi·ca·tion help to teach reading and spelling.
  • Dictation Button is a useful shortcut to platform dictation on Windows-10/11 and Mac OS.
  • Network Installation was enhanced to allow/forbid certain features.
  • Software Activation on Offline Computers was developed for military and government installations.
  • Support for External Monitors works on Mac and on Windows.
  • Support for the Latest Systems and Hardware such as: Windows 11/11-SE, the latest Mac OS versions, Windows 11 on ARM and Mac OS on Apple’s M1/M2 chips.

The known Ghotit reviews: yet unknown.

Ghotit-9 – Released in January 2019 and updated in 2020.

The new features and major fixes are:

  • Predict Anywhere – Write with Ghotit Quick-Spell Word-Prediction in any external application like Pages, Word, Outlook, browsers, Google-Docs, Word-365 Online etc.
  • Read Anywhere – Read-aloud any selected text without copying.
  • Exams Settings – Schools can now control which Ghotit features are available for students, i.e. during exams or as a part of school curricula, and which features are not.
  • Synonyms – Find a list of synonyms for a word by using the Synonyms Button.
  • Floating Toolbar gets more functions and could be minimized.
  • Screenshot Reader was enhanced by AI algorithms.
  • Highlighting – Text in Online and Desktop Microsoft Word could be highlighted by different colors/colours and collected by colors/colours.
  • Line Spacing for Ghotit Editor added to allow easily defined by user automatic spacing between lines of text.
  • Drag and Drop for Ghotit Editor added to allow one more way of text sharing and collaboration.
  • Saved Text Buffers for Ghotit Editor added as a history of 20 last buffers saved persistently.

The known Ghotit reviews:

The reviewing done in the States:

The detailed review done in Australia:

Ghotit-9 for Windows. YouTube Video Tutorial (from the UK).
Ghotit-9 for Mac OSX. YouTube Video Tutorial (from the UK).

Ghotit-7 – Released in June 2018.

The new features and major fixes are:

  • Editor for Google Docs added on requests of schools working with Google Drive Apps.
  • Customizable User-Interface: Add/remove buttons and toolbars depending on what is required.

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Ghotit-6 – Released in October 2017.

The new features and major fixes are:

  • Floating Toolbar added with Text Correction (parallel to F6), Reading Aloud (parallel to F2) and Screenshot Reader buttons. The feature implements a UDL (Universal Design for Learning) principle of multiple ways of access for the main functionalities.
  • Google Docs: Handling of various formats was improved.
  • Improved presentation on high-dpi screens.

The known Ghotit reviews: unknown

Ghotit-5 – Released in May 2016.

The new features and major fixes are:

  • Network free – No Internet required. Together with the enhanced standards of the software security, it improves Ghotit acceptance as the solution for governments, military, offices, financial and medical institutions. User-privacy gets a real boost.
  • Screenshot Reader OCR to read aloud any text on screen including text of non-accessible images and locked PDF files. Besides reading aloud text from screen, the recognized text is saved to Ghotit window with an option to further edit, correct and save it to a file or copy as a text.
  • Tested on Windows-10.

The known Ghotit review:

Ghotit-4 – Released in July 2015.

The new features and major fixes are:

  • Quick-Spell Word Prediction. Ghotit’s Word-Prediction gets a major algorithm enhancement: it continues to predict words even when the first typed letters are misspelled. It is very useful for typists with many spelling and/or typing mistakes.
  • Topics for Word-Prediction. The feature was added on requests of schools to help students in writing assignments on required topics. It could also be helpful to boost the quality of predictions for writing professional texts with a specific vocabulary and/or language style.
  • High-Resolution Screens Support. This feature improves visual presentation of the software on Mac Retina displays and Windows high-resolution screens.
  • Touch screen support improved.

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Ghotit-3 – Released in September 2013.

The new features and major fixes are:

  • Added Ghotit Reader. Reading Mode added with options to read a sentence forward or back, pause and stop reading. The feature uses F2 shortcut key to invoke reading aloud of text from any application – integration with external software for Text Reading. To reflect the newly added capabilities, the software gets its current name: “Ghotit Real Writer & Reader”.
  • Phonetic Word Prediction. Ghotit Word-Prediction is enhanced by better handling of phonetic errors;
  • Description Window. Most words in the text could be explained by descriptions from the integrated dictionary as well as read aloud.

The known Ghotit review:

Ghotit-2 – Released in December 2012 as Ghotit Real Writer Pro.

The new features and major fixes are:

  • Integration with Any Application: Using F6 shortcut, any text written in external text editors, browsers, email programs, etc. could be transferred to Ghotit, corrected and returned back.
  • Descriptions and Examples for Word Prediction: The Word-Prediction menu was improved with read-aloud description/examples from the integrated dictionary.


Ghotit-1 – Released in August 2012 for Mac and in November for Windows as Ghotit Real Writer.

The initial major features:

  • Text Correction: Provides in-context Suggestions Menu to correct misspelled words, confused word including homophones, grammar and punctuation errors.
  • Word-Prediction: The Word-Prediction menu with prediction candidates being read aloud.
  • “Dyslexia Text Editor”: A simple to use editor with attention concentration and multiple assistance tools.
  • Reading Aloud with Dual Highlighting: Any text in the Ghotit Writer area could be read aloud with dual highlighting.

The known Ghotit review: It was mentioned by British Dyslexia Association:


More information you can find in Ghotit FAQs: Ghotit FAQs