English is a difficult language with many spelling irregularities and grammar rules.
Many people make spelling and grammar errors that regular spell checkers cannot correct.

Ghotit is the only spelling and grammar checker that corrects really bad spelling and problematic grammar.
Ghotit is optimized for people with dyslexia, dysgraphia and people who use English as their second language (ESL).

Grammar Correction

Wrong Phrase


Word 2016

Missed Words: The forms of “to be” and “to have”The cat very nice.The cat’s very nice.Corrected
Missed words: Articles a/an/theHe was painterWhat is name of the next town?He was a painterWhat is the name of the next town?Not corrected
Missed words: PrepositionsAccording the contract, they must inform us a month in advance.According to the contract, they must inform us a month in advance.Not corrected
Agreement: Verb to InfinitiveHe is not going give up smoking. She wants travel.He is not going to give up smoking. She wants to travel.Not corrected
Agreement: Continuous to InfinitiveI want opening the window.I want to open the window.Not corrected
Agreement: Verb to ContinuousHe is not plays football.He is not playing football.Not corrected
Agreement: Plurality of Subject – VerbThe first thing I notice about people are the dress.The first thing I notice about people is the dress.Not corrected
Tense Correction According to ContextI meet Robert tomorrow.I will meet Robert tomorrow.Not corrected
Sequence of Tenses in English SentenceWe didn’t know they are having talks.We didn’t know they were having talks.Not corrected
Verb Forms: Past to Participle-IIHave you saw the new students?Have you seen the new students?Not corrected
Verb Forms: Past to InfinitiveWe need to found a common layer.We need to find a common layer.Not corrected
Verb Forms: Correction of Present FormsWho love Ann?Who loves Ann?Not corrected
Coordinated Verbs: InconsistencyIt analyzes and tried to fix.It analyzes and tries to fix.Not corrected
Possessive: AddingMy uncle house is near.My uncle’s house is near.Not corrected
Possessive: Misused Instead of PluralThe cat’s are in the garden.The cats are in the garden.Corrected
Possessive: FixingThe boys’s bedrooms will be enlarged.The boys’ bedrooms will be enlarged.Corrected
Possessive: Removing UnnecessaryThe chair’s is broken.The chair is broken.Not corrected
Noun Plurality Agreement: Plural to SingularTeaching is a difficult processes.Teaching is a difficult process.Corrected
Noun Plurality Agreement: Singular to PluralAll of the pupil would like it.All of the pupils would like it.Not corrected
Comparative AdjectiveThis flower is looking more nice than before.This flower is looking nicer than before.Corrected
Confused usage of “to be” and “to do” formsWhere do you going?Where are you going?Not corrected
Pronouns correctionI do have any food.I do have some food.Not corrected