Ghotit Real Writer & Reader for Windows

Ghotit is a comprehensive literacy software. It helps children and adults with dyslexia/dysgraphia to read, write and correct texts.

Ghotit Real Writer & Reader is a Windows application that integrates with familiar Windows applications (i.e. Microsoft Word, Outlook, browsers). In addition, Ghotit Real Writer & Reader can be used as a stand-alone text editor.

Intelligent Contextual Spell Checker

Ghotit offers a unique context spell checker.

Ordinary spell checkers do not take into account the context
of the sentence the word is being used.

The context of a sentence can be leveraged to assist in the following:

Severe Spelling Error Correction

In the world of spell checking, the degree of how badly a word is misspelled is measured by the editing distance of the misspelled word to the intended word. The tradeoff is as follows: the longer the editing distance, the longer the list of candidate words that will be offered. Since ordinary spell checkers cannot properly grade the long list of alternatives, this long list is seen as adding “noise” to the spell checking algorithm. Ordinary spell checkers are tuned for people with mild spelling and typing mistakes, and therefore, prefer to offer a relatively short editing distance in order to minimize the list of candidate words.
Here context spell checking algorithms come to play. Once an effective context spell checking is introduced, a larger editing distance can be used since the spell checker can leverage the context of the sentence to optimize the suggested word list and remove the unwanted, out-of-context words.
Ghotit has developed an innovative context spell checker which is optimized for people with dyslexia, dysgraphia and other learning disabilities. Ghotit can leverage its context spelling engine to produce an internal long list of candidate words by defining a long editing distance, but then reduce this list and present to the user only the words that make sense in the context of the specific written sentence. High performance techniques were introduced in order to ensure that Ghotit’s context sensitive analysis does not affect user experience and does not introduce spell checking result delays.

Misused, Confused Word Correction

Ordinary spell checkers either do not or provide very limited identification of misused words. If a spell checker does not have or has very simplistic context spellchecking algorithms, then it simply can not identify misused words. Without appropriate context knowledge, the spell checker does not have any information to provide for a misused word, and will leave such words as unmarked. In such situations, the writer will not even know that he has errors in his writing.
Ghotit context spell checking algorithms have been targeted to effectively identify misused words. A word that is spelled correctly, but has been identified as a misused word according to the words’ sentence, will be marked as such, with a candidate list of words based on the exact context of the word.

Grammar Checker

Ghotit performs grammar and punctuation corrections. The corrections are performed using both grammar rules definitions and contextual spell checking algorithms that analyze the correct grammatical intention of the sentence based on the context of the sentence.

Split & Merge Words Correction

Many times users accidentally or not knowingly split words (e.g. “birth day” instead of “birthday”) or merge words (“oneday” instead of “one day”). Ghotit detects these errors and makes the appropriate suggestions.

Style and Clarity

For a text to be well-written, more than correct spelling, perfect grammar, and in place punctuation errors is needed. For a text to be well-written, more than a wide vocabulary is needed. Well-written texts include all the above but additional extras, style, and clarity.

Ghotit Style and  include:

Passive to active voice – In many cases, active voice sentences are shorter than passive voice ones. Even when that is not the case, when we phrase an idea in active voice, both the subject of the action and the subject of the sentence are identical, which is not the case when we opt to a passive voice mode. Therefore, whenever possible choose the active voice mode.

Repeated words– impressive texts use a rich vocabulary base; therefore, it is recommended to use synonyms and avoid repeating the same word again and again.  Ghotit identifies repeated words and offers alternatives.

Academic writing – Ghotit helps rephrase informal or slang texts into a formal style.

Forbidden words – Ghotit identifies words that are not allowed to be used and offers alternative, legitimate options.

Self Learning Algorithms

Ghotit is the only spell checker that actually learns from the input the user enters.This patented technology, enables a user to run the Ghotit spell checker, and after the user provides some inputs the user may request to re-run the Ghotit spell checker to receive more optimized results.

Ghotit Intelligent Word Prediction

Ghotit Word prediction is a feature in the Ghotit Real Writer for Microsoft Windows and helps a user in his writing by “predicting” a word the user intended to type. Predictions are based on spelling, context, grammar, syntax, and frequently/recently used words. The word prediction feature assists in the writing of kids and adults who struggle with writing correctly, as it enables them to write correctly with fewer keystrokes.

Ghotit’s word prediction provides highly accurate predictions, specifically when the writer is dyslexic or dysgraphic.

Integrated Text to Speech

Ghotit’s main objective is to enable bad spellers to write with confidence. Using Ghotit’s integrated Text-To-Speech features, users can have their written text read out loud to them. The users can then act as their own gatekeepers to ensure that what they have written is exactly what they intended to communicate. Ghotit has integrated the Text-To-Speech feature to different options of the Ghotit spell checker, including:

Integrated Dictionary

If you are a really bad speller then you usually have not only problems in writing but also in identifying a correct word from a list of words. Ordinary spell checkers offer you a list of candidate words. But if you are a bad speller, then you do not know for sure which word is the correct one. You need assistance in selecting the correct word. In order to overcome this hurdle, Ghotit has integrated its context spelling services with a dictionary, providing for each suggested word its meaning/s. This additional information provides the effective information for a bad speller to select the correct word from the suggested words list.

Google Docs Dyslexia-Friendly Editor

It’s a well-known fact, Google Docs, is a powerful tool. Unfortunately, people with dyslexia and dysgraphia have problems using it due to their reading and writing limitations.
Ghotit Real Writer and Reader acts as a simple-to-use editor which, integrated with Google Docs, solves their productivity problems. Ghotit’s writing and reading assistive technology including word prediction, context and phonetic spell checking, grammar and punctuation checking, text-to-speech including dual highlighting is tailor-made for their needs.
These capabilities are available both online and offline.

Screenshot Reader

Ghotit Real Writer&Reader 5 read aloud text from images or non-accessible documents.

Easy Accessibility

With Ghotit Real Writer & Reader  Floating Toolbar, users enjoy a one click access to Ghotit advanced Reading and Writing tools.

User Interface Personalization

Ghotit Real Writer and Ghotit Real Reader is a robust application that supports the needs of a variety of users, all along from primary school kids to graduate students and adults. Ghotit provides this wide –range usefulness by means of effective arsenal of tools.
Ghotit interface can easily be personalized offering each user a friendly solution.

Ghotit Light

Toolbar-Only Mode:

Ghotit toolbar serves the needs of slow typists who prefer to use standard editors like MS Word. It is a straightforward and clean Ghotit user interface. Personalize Ghotit by choosing the Ghotit interface that includes only the functionality serving your needs. Ghotit toolbar consists of the following functions:

  •  Word prediction
  • Reading utilities
  • Speech to text
  • Highlighting

Additional personalization can be obtained by removing unnecessary icons from the toolbar. 

Text Editor:

Ghotit Editor serves the needs of typists who encounter difficulties using regular text editors such as Microsoft Word or Apple Pages. Ghotit Text Editor incorporates assistive technology tools thereby assisting writers in typing and reading freely.

  •  Word prediction
  • Spell checker
  • Grammar checker
  • Punctuation checker
  • Style checker
  • Reading assistance
  • …..

Additional personalization can be obtained by removing unnecessary icons from Ghotit text editor.


Many assignments require collecting information from different sources, making these hits available for performing research or writing a paper.  Ghotit Real Writer and reader HIGHLIGHTS option offers a straightforward way to collect text from different sources, placing it in a target document with added footnotes for each text source. In addition, using the HIGHLIGHTS option, sources for various topics may be sorted and saved, easily identified by a specific color indicator

This method of information collection can help a user, to write high-quality assignments.



The EXAMS option offers teachers the privilege of controlling the way users are allowed to use Ghotit in an exam situation.

Assistive technology provides the user with a whole range of privileges, some of which may be regarded by an educational organization as legitimate during a specific exam and some as not. An exam may be limited to testing writing capabilities and allow listening to the exam text, but disapprove of the use of a speller. Or else, an exam may be aimed to compare comprehension capabilities with and without reliance on Ghotit’s text to voice feature.

Ghotit’s EXAMS feature offers controlling Ghotit’s features that can be used by a student, complying this way with schools guidelines without setting unnecessary restrictions.


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