How does Ghotit Real Writer app for iPad work?
The app for dyslexia and dysgraphia assistance is an integrated writing and reading solution comprising several advanced adaptive technologies tailor-made for people with dyslexia, dysgraphia and other learning disabilities. It helps children and adults with dyslexia and dysgraphia to write, read and correct texts.

Ghotit’s patented technology provides the most appropriate corrections for spelling, grammar and punctuation mistakes according to the intended meaning of a text.

Ghotit Quick Spell Word-Prediction is a state-of-art technology designed for writers with typing issues and phonetic/creative writers; this technology increases writing speed and successfully predicts intended words with instant correction of the first misspelled letters.

What does Ghotit Real Writer app for iPad include?
• Quick-Spell Word-Prediction with instant correction for creative/phonetic writers
• Context-sensitive and phonetic spell checker
• Advanced grammar and punctuation corrector
• An effective proofreader
• Speak as you write (speech feedback)
• Integrated dictionary
• Reading assistance with dual highlighting
• Topics (Word-Banks) for Word-Prediction
• Sharing of the text with other text editing applications and email
• Sharing of files across devices and clouds via
• Standalone “Dyslexia Text Editor”
• Split View Multitasking support
Does Ghotit Real Writer app for iPad require an Internet connection?
Spelling and grammar correction does require Internet connection. All other features are working also offline as a “Dyslexia Text Editor” equipped with Quick-Spell Word-Prediction with instant correction, speech feedback and reading assistance.
Which English dictionaries does Ghotit Real Writer app for iPad support?
US, UK, Canadian, Australian, New Zealand and South African English.
Does Ghotit app for iPad support multi-tasking?
Yes, it supports Split View multi-tasking.
Thus, you can work in Split View with Ghotit app opened in one window and another app like
Email, Word or Pages in another window.
Does Ghotit app for iPad support external Bluetooth keyboards?
Yes, it supports external hardware keyboards working with iPad.
Use pairs of keys from Ctrl-1 up to Ctrl-8 to read aloud the predicted words.
Use pairs of keys from ⌘-1 up to ⌘-8 to select predicted word from the Ghotit Word-Prediction Menu without touching the screen.
Can Ghotit Real Writer for iPad complement a Speech-To-Text (Dictation Software) solution?
The software complements speech-to-text solutions. Ghotit Real Writer app for iPad is used to correct misused words, grammar and punctuation marks of the recorded text. In addition, in situations where background noises or privacy considerations prohibit the use of speech-to-text solutions, Ghotit can be used as the user’s sole writing assistant.
Can I get the User-Manual for the app?
Yes, indeed. Please, download the User-Manual:
Ghotit for iPad – User Manual
Where is the place to order this app?
You can order the app from iTunes:
Ghotit Real Writer for iPad
Is there an option to order a bundle of Ghotit Apps for iPad?
Yes, indeed. You can order two Ghotit apps as a bundle containing Ghotit Real Writer App and Dyslexia Keyboard App for iPad from iTunes:
Ghotit Apps Bundle for iPad – Dyslexia and Dysgraphia App Kit
Can I use Ghotit on my iPhone?
Yes, Ghotit Dyslexia Keyboard App for iPhone and iPad is available:
Ghotit Dyslexia Keyboard for iPhone and iPad – FAQs

Yet another option is Ghotit Buzz Writer App, our “Dyslexia Editor” for iPhone:
Ghotit Buzz Writer App for iPhone – FAQs

Where I can get more information about Ghotit and its services?
Please, read the General FAQs:
Ghotit FAQs
How to contact Ghotit Support Team?
Contact by email: support at