Dyslexia Writing & Reading Assistive Technology | Ghotit Dyslexia

Dyslexia Writing & Reading Assistant

Advanced Desktop and Mobile Apps for People with Dyslexia and Dysgraphia

  • Screenshot Reader
  • Word Prediction
  • Spelling & Grammar¬†Checker
  • Re-Wording
  • Reading Assistance

Ghotit helps people with Dyslexia and/or Dysgraphia become independent writers & readers

We, the founders of Ghotit, have lived with dyslexia and dysgraphia our whole lives.

Ghotit was designed and developed for all of us, who cope dyslexia and/or dysgraphia.

  • Ghotit helps people who, on a daily basis, need to overcome reading and writing problems

  • Ghotit supports people challenged with reading English text such as a website page or document

  • Ghotit assists people familiar with the frustration of producing terribly spelled text even after investing a lot of time in correcting the text

Ghotit offers solutions for people with dyslexia and dysgraphia

Starting with people with mild dyslexia and/or dysgraphia that have from time to time a problem reading or writing single word or phrase

Up to people with severe dyslexia and/or dysgraphia that are slow typers, have many spelling and grammar problems or have a severe reading problem

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