Ghotit super spell checker assistive technology was developed by people that have dyslexia and who are coping with their dyslexia every day. For over a decade, the founder of Ghotit had a vision of the “ideal” writing assistant tool for people with dyslexia that if made available, will dramatically improve their writing abilities.

Ghotit is a dream come true!!!

The benefits of regular spell checkers are limited for people with dyslexia. Your spelling has to be very, very close in order to get corrected spelling. Ghotit super spellchecker is aimed at dyslectics and includes the following unique capabilities:

  • “Outrageous” spelling mistakes are captured and corrected
  • Advanced context-sensitive spelling algorithms are applied, pointing to out out-of-context (but correctly spelled) words.>
  • Definitions and sentences are offered to help choose the correct word
  • Integrated text to speech service is included so that you can confirm that what is written is the exact text you intended to communicate.

Ghotit offers a high performance spell check and grammar check service, enabling people with dyslexia to dramatically improve and gain confidence in their writing.

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