English is a difficult language with many spelling irregularities and grammar rules. Many people make spelling and grammar errors that regular spell checkers cannot correct. Ghotit is the only spelling and grammar checker that corrects really bad spelling and problematic grammar.
Ghotit is optimized for people with dyslexia, dysgraphia and people who use English as their second language (ESL).

Spelling & Grammar menu is equipped with an integrated talking dictionary in addition to its read aloud capabilities.

Unlike competing solutions, Ghotit software for Windows/Mac works completely offline, doesn’t send any sensitive text to the cloud, and therefore, it could be used even at the workplace with the highest privacy requirements.

Dyslexic text examples:

Original Text: My most preshis poseshin is my qwad bike because I think it is wiked.

Corrected Text: My most precious possession is my quad bike because I think it is wicked.

Original Text: I sore buterflis in the garden. I did not under stand It was winter at home bet it was sumer at the garden. I notest it was time for school. So I ran awte so that I wood not be late. wen I got to school I told my frends abwte the garden.

Corrected Text:  I saw butterflies in the garden. I did not understand. It was winter at home, but it was summer at the garden. I noticed it was time for school. So, I ran out so that I would not be late. When I got to school, I told my friends about the garden.

Original Text: That whas scery. I can fell a shiver down may spiyn. Its getting liyt. I shud go to bed. I bet im gooing to have nitmers a bawt that. o well, just have to dell with it. I cant get that dam thim song out ove my haed never going to whach halloween movie a gen or its seqwels.

Corrected Text: That was scary. I can feel a shiver down my spine. It’s getting late. I should go to bed. I bet I’m going to have nightmares about that. Oh well, just have to deal with it. I can’t get that damn theme song out of my head never going to watch Halloween movie again or its sequels.

Original Text: Luna is a lot like her mom. Even no she will never amite to it. Shes a rebel, and deres to be diffident. She dus not have a girly bone in her body. Win it come to fashion she dos not cere if she ends up on the werst dress list.

Corrected Text: Luna is a lot like her mom. Even now she will never admit to it. She’s a rebel, and dares to be different. She does not have a girlie bone in her body. When it comes to fashion, she does not care if she ends up on the worst dress list.

Original Text: Back round part don’t work (don’t change colleres).

Corrected Text: Background part doesn’t work (doesn’t change colors).

Original Text: My hose have a red roffe.
Corrected Text: My house has a red roof.

Original Text: He wants travel.
Corrected Text: He wants to travel.

English as second language text examples:

Original Text: I want to go for home.
Corrected Text: I want to go home.

Original Text: Ask her phone my assistant.
Corrected Text: Ask her to phone my assistant.

Original Text: Where does you going?
Corrected Text: Where are you going?

Original Text: He was falling on love.
Corrected Text: He was falling in love.

Original Text: They’re gone to New York in two weeks.
Corrected Text: They’re going to New York in two weeks.

Original Text: Sheryl went to the tickets office.
Corrected Text: Sheryl went to the ticket office.