My name is Ofer Chermesh and I am one of Ghotit founders.

I always struggled with writing and reading. When I was 10 years old I was diagnosed as a dyslexic.

The fact that I was diagnosed as a dyslexic gave me some benefits in school such as oral exams and extended exam time, but exams are only a small part in the learning and grading process. Although all my teachers knew about my dyslexia, teachers that received written work for me had a real problem grading my work.

I encountered these same problems throughout elementary school, high school and university. The problem became even more severe when I started working. In the real working world there are no “discounts”. People pay you a salary to get the job done. If the job includes writing then if you are a dyslexic then you have a real handicap. You write much slower, you need to ask favors from colleagues to review your spelling, and at the end of the day you simply write with errors.

My problem became severe when I started working in a high tech environment were the number one communication means is writing. I tried to eliminate my need to write as much as possible. I used the phone and face to face meetings more than anybody else. Using those techniques reduced but did not eliminate my need to write on a daily basis. I had to write e-mails and different documents. Due to the fact that writing was difficult for me I tried to keep my writing as short as possible and used a very limited vocabulary of words I know how to write correctly. Even the use of a very limited vocabulary was problematic for me and I had countless embarrassing spelling mistakes. To sum it up, my dyslexia became a real challenge to overcome at work.

Creating an assistive technology that can help dyslexics like me in both school and work was the guidelines in creating and designing Ghotit. Only a true dyslexic can understand the pains of a dyslexic and translate these pains to an effective solution targeting dyslexics. Ghotit is continuously improving and being assisted by the dyslexic community. Any inputs regarding the Ghotit solution would be much appreciated.

I hope you will find Ghotit useful to you as it is for me.

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