More than 1.5 billion people around the world are using English as their Second Language (ESL). These include English Language Learners (ELL) that live in an English speaking country, but were not raised as native English speakers.

In today’s interconnected world, the most universal means of written communication is English. Business people and students are required to write in English documents, send and reply to emails and participate in chats in order to successfully execute their jobs and assignments. People with poor English writing who cannot communicate effectively may be left behind.

Regular spell checkers are aimed at people with a high level of written English, who occasionally mistype or mildly misspell some words. Ghotit super spell checker is aimed at people who are using English as their Second Language (ESL), and include the following unique capabilities:

  • “Outrageous” spelling mistakes are captured and corrected.
  • Advanced context-sensitive spelling algorithms are applied, pointing to out out-of-context (but correctly spelled) words.
  • Definitions and sentences are offered to help choose the correct word.
  • Integrated text to speech service is included so that you can confirm that what is written is the exact text you intended to communicate

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