Chromebook App Solution Overview

Ghotit Chromebook App is a comprehensive literacy software. It helps children and adults with dyslexia/dysgraphia to read, write and correct their texts.

Users of Google Docs can use Ghotit Chromebook App to correct their spelling, grammar and punctuation errors.

Users of Google Docs can use Ghotit Chromebook App for word prediction.

In addition, with Ghotit Chromebook App users can read aloud any text on their chrome browser.

Spelling, Grammar and Punctuation Correction

Figure 1. Spelling Correction

Figure 2. Grammar Correction

Figure 3 Punctuation Correction

Word Prediction

Figure 4. Word prediction 

Reading assistance

Ghotit Chromebook App reading assistant enables users to read text included in any web page

Figure 5. Reading Assistance


Figure 6. Spelling Personalization

Figure 7. Visual Personalization

Visual Personalization

Figure 8. Speech Personalization

Figure 9. Prediction Personalization

Figure 10. Advanced Personalization

Figure 11. Account Personalization