This is one of my favorite youtube videos about dyslexia.

Listening to Mr. Nelson Lauver’s story of how his life changed by being told that he had dyslexia makes you understand the importance of having kids diagnosed early with dyslexia. Kids who are diagnosed early are taught how to live with dyslexia both from an academic, and from a confidence building standpoint. If you have a child demonstrating hardships in either reading or writing, get your child diagnosed. This early diagnosis can be a critical factor in the well-being of your child.


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2 thoughts on “A Great “Speaker on Dyslexia”

  • December 16, 2010 at 3:13 pm

    Great post, thanks for sharing. We’re actually a production company working on a documentary about Dyslexia. After 6 year, we’re finally finishing up in post production! There’s about five of us here in the office who post daily about the process, you should check out our blog!

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