Polysyndeton Writing

Polysyndeton is a literary device that uses multiple repetitions of the same conjunction (and, but, if, etc), most commonly the word “and.”

Polysyndeton is usually grammatically correct.
Reading Polysyndeton sentences slows the reading pace and is not recommended.

Example of a Polysyndeton sentence and Ghotit corrections:

Original sentence:

Dana invited her new boyfriend to her party with all her friends and they all brought gifts and they played computer games and it was a nice party.
Ghotit Corrected sentence:

Dana invited her new boyfriend to her party with all her friends. They all brought gifts. They played computer games. It was a nice party.

Original sentence:

Erica threw her boyfriend a party and all his friends came, and they all brought presents and they ate a cake and they played video games and they made a mess and no one helped her clean it up and it was a really long day.

Ghotit Corrected sentence:

Erica threw her boyfriend a party. All his friends came. They all brought presents and ate a cake and played video games. They made a mess. No one helped her clean it up. It was a long day.

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Ghotit Statistics/Analytics

All educational software in the market claim effectivity. All provide promises. Most of them fail to let you, the user, ways to check it. We are the exception, we do it!

Our mission at Ghotit is to help dyslectics and dysgraphics to read and write freely. The new version, Ghotit 10, provides any user with a new tool, a statistical method to measure our effectivity, our usefulness for you, not just for an abstract “average user”.

In the new version, Ghotit 10, we introduced Ghotit Analytics (usage statistics) which allows you to see how effective we are for you. This analytic tool can, for example, track how many words you have checked in a given period and what is the percentage of words that needed correction.


From the above graph, we learn that in a very short time the user is checking more and more text, indicating expansion of writing volume.  In the beginning, the frequency of words needing correction is quite small, around 750 words. The figure is rapidly growing to 4000, probably since he or she is using wider vocabulary and/or writing more pieces of text.

With Ghotit Real Writer & Reader 10 you will be able to track all aspects of you writing and reading skills.