Home Schooling & Dyslexia

Continuing learning at home isn't easy for parents or teachers. For those working with dyslexic students, the challenges are even greater. Ghotit will be there when you can't be - helping your student to produce their best work independently. Download Ghotit today and use for FREE for 30 days.

Ghotit – an aid to independent learning for dyslexic students of all ages.

Ghotit is a reading and writing assistant ready to assist students learning independently.

  • Intelligent Contextual Spell Checker
  • Grammar and Punctuation Checker
  • Re-wording
  • Word Prediction
  • Proofreading

At this time, we at Ghotit want to help make sure those with reading and writing difficulties are given every chance to progress with their work or studies. That's why you can now download Ghotit for free and use it for 30 days to help while working from home.